East Bay Express shouts out Kija Lucas' Sentimental Taxonomy

Kija Lucas, Sara, Los Angeles, Archival Pigment Print, 2014

Sarah Burke from East Bay Express visited Random Parts to view Kija Lucas' Sentimental Taxonomy. Her review was published in the Arts and Culture- Art picks section of the East Bay Express.

Here is what she had to say:

In Sentimental Taxonomy , currently on view at Random Parts gallery (1206 13th Ave., Oakland) Bay Area photographer Kija Lucas builds a visual dictionary of emotional materials: an old teddy bear, pink vintage sunglasses, Vienna sausage packaging, a ring, a handkerchief, a photograph. Each is photographically documented in front of a black background, and placed in a row with the others. Sentimental Taxonomy is an excerpt from Lucas’ larger ongoing project entitled Objects to Remember You By: An Index of Sentiment, in which she documents objects that hold sentimental meaning for people beyond their utilitarian purpose. Lucas’ catalog is specifically meant to explore the ways in which objects can memorialize people from our pasts, personalize a space, and offer a sense of safety or intimacy. But by decontextualizing the materials, Lucas renders them mysterious, leaving the viewer to wonder what they could have meant to the owner.

So if you have not seen the show please call us to make a time to visit the gallery.

Gallery hours are by appointment only. Do not hesitate to email or call.

The show closes November 28th. You do not want to miss it.

Please contact us at: 510-415-8791 or partsrandom@gmail.com

Sarah Burke's full article is here.