Carl Gross, Timo Roter, and Christian Rothmaler

snail, snail, schnell — start down hubble pingggg

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snail, snail, schnell — start down hubble pingggg

October 29th-December 3rd, 2016



From October 29th to December 3rd, Random Parts is pleased to host snail, snail, schnell — start down hubble pingggg an exhibition by the German, Hamburg based artists, Carl Gross, Timo Roter, and Christian Rothmaler. The exhibition which will include among other things, paintings, sculptural objects, and live Gastropods mined from their infamous St Pauli neighborhood. The exhibition opening reception will be on October 29th from 6 to 9 and will run through December 3rd, 2016.


snail, snail, schnell — start down hubble pingggg

While people in some singularity think technological growth is progress, some questions have been forgotten:

Why do children have parents?

Why do the blind have eyes?

Why do the deaf have ears?

Why doesn’t water have legs?

Why haven’t legs have any hands?

Why does everybody just count to ten?

Why stones have no watches?

Have you ever thought about that time is not money but your time? That the colors of other dimensions shine brighter than the panels of the closest mall? That something appears as recent as you look at it?

Einstein does not throw dice and two lobster don't play poker but chess.

To increase the resistance, three artist, (Timo Roter, Carl Gross and Christian Rothmaler)  will show their works in the exhibition snail, snail, schnell — start down hubble pingggg.

The idea for this show aroused from the collective from Hamburg, St.Pauli; when Roter put his hand accidentally into the tesla coil, which Gross and Rothmaler have been building for some experiments towards non-verbal communication.

Immediately Roter developed the plan and concept for a show - he knew his psyche (and those of Gross and Rothmaler) has to be faced with the spirit of the progressive valley. The lady and gent open the gates of their Random Parts castle for the arriving ones. Small buses come in bigger buses with boys and girls in swimsuits. 

Some unshown future paintings will be revealed, which took a detour from the past to finally land - by pure chance - in the present.  Our hope as well is that the most fervent critics will be present and eat some lettuce.

We are awaiting impatiently and full of fear and happiness to have a look at those works; and to question the artists from overseas as to why they question so many questions.



Carl Gross studied Philosophy at Hamburg University and until 2011 with Matt Mullican at Hfbk-Hamburg. He currently lives and works in Hamburg, Germany and Bangalore, India. His paintings and their installation deal with the origin of images and irritate the relation between subject and object as well as the observer and the observed. He took part in several exhibitions such as:  Swing By, Poolhaus, Blankenese (2015), Jazz Jugend, Hamburg (2014), Mani, Peanuts, Erdnüsse, Manila, Philippines (2013) and Welcome to Jamaica, New York City (2012). In 2012 he was scholarship holder of the city of Hamburg, Germany.


Timo Roter (b. 1977, Hamburg, Germany) is an artist that currently lives in Hamburg, Germany and Manila, Philippines. He studied Filipino culture and language, art history and ethnology in Hamburg, Germany. Roter is the co-founder of 8.Salon Hamburg and the Seamen`s Art Club. He exhibits internationally.


Christian Rothmaler (b. 1982, Germany) works with painting, drawing, installations, artist books and other printed matter. He exhibits internationally. He surveys human abilities especially towards communication from development to decadence and reverse; visual thinking between water and time.

Beside his work as an artist, he was/is also involved in many curatorial projects, such as "Die Reliktion" (at Golden Pudel Club Hamburg, 2009-2011) or “Aby Warburg's Mnemosyne Picture-Atlas" (at 8.Salon Hamburg, Kunstraum München, Kulturraum St. Gallen, ZKM Karlsruhe, 2012-2016).

Rothmaler finished his fine art degree at HfbK Hamburg with Monika Baer. He is founding member of the artspace 8.Salon in Hamburg and co-founder of „Kartoffelverlag/universal futur bitch press“, a publishing house specialized on artist books and art theoretical publications. At the moment he shuttles between Hamburg and Wald AR (Switzerland), where he tries to come closer to universal viveka.


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