Random Parts was delighted to have Curiously Direct visit our space for Kija Lucas' exhibition.

Kija Lucas, installation at Random Parts

Here is the review on the show:

Random Parts // Kija Lucas : Sentimental Taxonomy = An excellent solo show of new photographs by Lucas. In each of the long works, a group of objects is arranged in a loose row and photographed against a pure black backdrop. The objects are all over the map – pinecone, baseball, rolling pin, passport, rock, toy, shell. Each has in common a single trait: Lucas asked for participants from the community to offer up an object that has sentimental value to them. They are presented simply, without explanatory text; each grouping forms a charged constellation: we can imagine the narratives behind each individual object and new ones amidst the arrangements. There are so many pitfalls for work that deals with this kind of material and they are all deftly avoided here. My first time to this space (its been open for 2 years ?!) and I’m glad I finally made it/disappointed about what I’ve likely missed there. Highly recommended.

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