People are talking about Gabby Miller

Image: Gabby Miller

Image: Gabby Miller

We are pleased to announce that  East Bay Express and KQED Arts both wrote articles on Gabby Miller's residency at Random Parts.

This Saturday is an Open Studio with Gabby Miller. April 2nd, 2016 from 2-6pm.

Hope we see you there!

TURQUOISE WAKE (Coal, Air, Chicken & Shit)
Open Studio All Afternoon - The Sea is Rising in Oakland
Bring CASH $$$ for The Lumpia Shack & Musicians $$$$$$$$ 
Delicious food by The Lumpia Shack 
Hypnotizing Music by Fanciulla Gentile & Neha Spellfish @ 4:00 pm
Silk Screens of the Rising Sea with help from Patchwerk Press

Here is an excerpt from Emily Hunt's interview/article in KQED Arts:

When did you start making paintings with the ship’s engine oil?
When we landed in Nakhodka, Russia to bunker. The chef realized I was an artist when I borrowed a jar to put the oil in, and he asked me to paint a portrait of him and his wife. I quickly got requests from every other crew member. I offered to paint whoever they wanted commemorated.

Please read full article here.

Here is an excerpt from Sarah Burke's article, Gabby Miller as Cross-Cultural Cargo in the East Bay Express on March 23rd, 2016:

Miller embarked on the journey as a way to further her research on global trade and gain a first-hand experience of some of the concepts at the center of her work. For the past few years, she's grown increasingly obsessed with the history of international shipping and the ways in which it relates to Western imperialism, environmental degradation, the oil industry, and international conflict — an interest she developed through her involvement in the 2011 Occupy Oakland general strike, during which protesters shut down the Port of Oakland. So, with funding from the Asian Cultural Council (an international nonprofit), she bought a ticket and boarded the ship with a small pack of paint supplies and no expectations. Now, six months later, she's processing the experience in an artist residency at Random Parts Gallery (1206 13th Ave., Oakland) for which she'll present a final show on April 2.
Please read full article here.