KQED article: BART Gallery Pt. 2: Take a Journey Beyond Downtown

Random Parts was reviewed by KQED's Sarah Hotchkiss in the article: 

BART Gallery Pt. 2: Take a Journey Beyond Downtown.

While Random Parts stretches the BART-able conditions of this list a bit (prepare for a 20 minute walk from the Lake Merritt stop), it’s well worth the journey to this small artist-run space. One year into their programming, they’ve hosted an artist-in-residence from Spain, facilitated a neighborhood mural, exhibited photographs of ad hoc local planters and showed drawings by Bay Area conceptual artist Lowell Darling, to name a few. Their mission, to intermingle international, local, well-known, self-taught and underexposed artists, is true to their name. Except in this case, the “random” parts are always, unexpectedly, the parts you didn’t know you were looking for. Their 2015 season starts off February with paintings by Colleen Flaherty.
Article courtesy of Sarah Hotchkiss